Course Prefix Key

The following abbreviations are used to identify courses referred to in this undergraduate catalog.


ATEP Athletic Training
BIOL Biology
BIOM Marine Science
CHEM Chemistry
CMST Communication Studies
CPSC Computer Science
DAEL Department of Academic Enrichment and Learning
DANC Dance
ECED Early Childhood Education
ECON & FIN Economics
ELED Elementary Education
ENGL English
EXSC Exercise Science
FIT Fitness
MLAR Arabic
MLCH Chinese
MLFR French
MLGR German
MLIT Italian
MLLN Latin
MLNG Modern Languages
MLJA Japanese
MLPG Portuguese
MLRU Russian
MLSP Spanish
GEOG Geography
GSCI General Science
HIST History
HLTH Health
HRTM Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management
IIS Intercultural and Interdisciplinary Studies
MATH Mathematics
DMET Digital Media Technologies
MGT Business Management
MUS Music
NURS Nursing
PETE Physical Education Teacher Education
PHIL Philosophy
PHYS Physics
POLS Political Science
PSED Professional and Secondary Education
PSY Psychology
RECR Recreation
REED Reading
SMGT Sport Management
SOC Sociology
SOCJ Criminal Justice
SOSW Social Work
SPED Special Education
SPPA Speech Language Pathology
SPRE Rehabilitative Services
THTR Theatre
WMST Women’s Studies