The General Education Program

Beginning fall 2016, new students entering East Stroudsburg University will operate under the university's newly revised General Education Program.  (Students who entered East Stroudsburg University prior to Fall 2016 should refer to the General Education page of the ESU website for information about your General Education program including options available to you).  All new students are required to complete 45 credits in General Education in addition to completing the requirements for the major field of study.  Students will be assigned a faculty adviser who will provide guidance in planning their academic programs.  Students are responsible for knowing and satisfying requirements for the degree they propose to earn including both General Education and major requirements, and for arranging their program of study accordingly.  A minimum of 120 credits is required for graduation.  Some programs require more.


The General Education program consists of a set of interrelated courses that together provide experiences for students that might not otherwise be provided by their respective degree programs.  The university is particularly excited to offer all students an engaging First Year Experience course, a Wellness course, and embedded standards throughout the General Education curriculum designed to improve competencies and broaden perspectives.


These General Education Standards are aligned with the seven University Wide Student Learning Outcomes listed below, and encompass abilities that every graduate is expected to be able to demonstrate.  Specifically, a graduate of East Stroudsburg University is expected to be able to:

I.   Demonstrate an understanding of their role as citizens of a diverse, global society.

II.  Utilize critical thinking skills.

III.  Communicate orally, in writing, and through other formats.

IV.  Demonstrate information literacy and technological skills.

V.   Employ scientific reasoning and quantitative skills when analyzing the world in which they live.

VI.  Create and/or critique various forms of artistic expression.

VII. Demonstrate understanding of and apply various models for the healthy development of the whole person.


The new General Education Program achieves such competencies through the intersection of specific course requirements, breadth requirements, and overlay requirements.  The specific requirements of the program may be found below.