Instructional Technology

College of Education

Department of Digital Media Technologies

Rosenkrans Hall-East


Mission of Instructional Technology

The Instructional Technology portfolio and internship based programs prepare Instructional Technology leaders to participate in social, cultural and economic transformation. The learning environment fosters the preparation of practitioners who utilize critical reflection, research, and collaboration to produce and implement innovative technologies to address the evolving needs of learners in a global society.

Special Resources of the Department

The Instructional Technology master’s program is housed with the Digital Media Technologies Department, which uses professional design software and media technologies. Students complete an internship in their desired area of expertise. Internships include local schools, corporate environments and higher education institutions. Through learning experiences, students can take face-to-face and distance education classes, providing a multi-delivery environment for greater learning flexibility.

Many courses are offered in the traditional face-to-face method and through distance education. If a course is designated DE+ the course is offered both traditionally and online.