Core Student Learning Themes

Upon successful completion of an ESU graduate program, within their discipline, students will:

Mastery of Specific Discipline

  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge and skills.

  • Apply knowledge and skills in academic, professional, or research settings.

Professional and Ethical Behavior

  • Demonstrate the standards of ethics and conduct in their profession.

  • Comprehend the impact of their professional actions upon themselves and others while working diligently to achieve positive outcomes.


  • Be proficient in performing and/or understanding the research process.

  • Read, analyze and write consistently within the standards of their field.


  • Communicate effectively in a variety of modes as required in a discipline specific professional setting.

Critical, Innovative, and Creative Thinking


  • Identify and analyze critical issues for holistic understanding. 

  • Challenge and evaluate information. 

  • Synthesize and integrate knowledge. 

  • Formulate new ideas.