Political Science M.Ed.: Thesis Program

Purpose of degree:

The Master of Education in Political Science allows students who are presently teaching to obtain further credentials in their field to become master teachers.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will demonstrate an in-depth of knowledge of the schools of thought, theories, models, and issues within the political science discipline.
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of both quantitative and qualitative research designs, methods, and techniques.
  • Students will demonstrate critical thinking skills in understanding and evaluating theories, ideas, and issues across the four subfields of political science: American Government and Public Administration, Political Theory, Comparative Government, and International Relations.
  • Students will demonstrate professional and academic ethics.
  • Students will demonstrate an ability to work in a diverse, multicultural environment.
  • Students will demonstrate an ability to communicate political science theories, ideas, and issues effectively on a public school age appropriate level.
  • Students will be prepared to assume increased responsibilities within their school or school district.

Program of Study

30 credits

Required Courses (6 credits)

POLS 570Intro To Research

3 credits

POLS 572Thesis I

3 credits

Political Science Courses (12-18 credits)

Students are to select at least one course from each group:

  • Group A - American Politics and Public Administration;
  • Group B - International Relations
  • Group C - Comparative Government and Regional Studies
  • Group D - Political Theory

Related Elective Courses (3-6 credits)

Students are to select courses in related fields such as history, economics, sociology, geography, or other approved electives.

General and Professional Education (3-6 credits)

Students are to select education courses.

Final graduation requirement

In addition to the required research methods course and thesis, students must satisfactorily pass a comprehensive examination.

Admissions requirements and deadlines

The department follows the requirements of the Graduate College for admission.