College of Arts and Sciences

Department of English

Stroud Hall 309



The English Department continues to offer graduate coursework in support of certification and Masters of Education programs, in conjunction with other requirements of the Department of Professional and Secondary Education.

Those graduate courses in English are geared toward new and continuing teachers in the middle and high school levels.

Commencing in 2014, the English Department will offer a new M.A. degree in Professional and New Media Writing. Most of the M.A. coursework will be taught online and in the evenings, making the program convenient for the employed graduate student. The program does require some occasional and brief on-campus credit experiences, since a low-residency program helps to build professional network relationships.

The M.A. in Professional and New Media Writing is designed to give the future professional writer strong background in professional research, organizational writing, document conceptualization, and editing. Course electives permit the student the opportunity to learn about various genres in professional writing, such as journalism and corporate writing.