History Faculty

Graduate Coordinator:

Martin Wilson, Ph.D., mwilson@esu.edu

Associate Professors:

Christopher Brooks, D. Phil, cbrooks@esu.edu

Shannon Frystak, Ph.D., sfrystak@esu.edu

Michael Gray, Ph.D., mpgray@esu.edu

Assistant Professors:

Don Dellipriscoli, Chair, ddellipriscoli@esu.edu

Christopher Dudley, Ph.D., cdudley@esu.edu

Bonar Hernandez, Ph.D., bhernandez@esu.edu

Erin O'Donnell, Ph.D., eodonnell@esu.edu

Mission Statement of the Department

The mission of the department is to provide a program that is grounded in teaching excellence. Although department faculty are involved in research and publishing, the History Department faculty see teaching and student advising as their primary mission. The department is also committed to an involvement in the life of the Pocono region and in global studies. Internships and study abroad programs allow students the opportunity to engage not only in the immediate Pocono community but also in the broader global community.

Special Resources of the Department

Internships - Interested students may arrange an internship for academic credit with the National Park Service at Gettysburg National Military Park, Morristown National Historical Park, Valley Forge National Historical Park, and Delaware Water Gap National Park. Internships are also available at local historical societies.