Calliope Literary Magazine


Calliope - ESU's Literary Magazine

Calliope produces ESU's student -edited literary magazine, as well as the Calliope online literary journal.

Radio Station (WESS FM)

Students have the opportunity to gain experience in radio by working at WESS (90.3 FM), the student-operated radio station. The station’s format is “diversified” and includes vintage radio shows, BBC news, sports, talk shows, as well as many genres of music such as alternative, classical, rap, and modern rock.

Stroud Courier

The Stroud Courier is the student-funded campus newspaper. The staff consists of students interested in all facets of journalism, who are responsible for each aspect of publication including news writing and editing, feature writing, sports reporting, photography, and layout. The Stroud Courier covers issues, events, and activities on campus, the surrounding area, and the world.

Student Handbook

The Student Handbook, which is prepared bi-annually by the Office of Student Affairs, is a compendium of information about the various phases of life on campus. The handbook is available online and provides students with information concerning campus services, co-curricular groups and activities, as well as the official regulations, standards and policies of the campus.