Course Numbers

Course descriptions are arranged by departments or by program. The course numbers are used to indicate the year in which courses are usually taken by students and/or the minimum number of prerequisite course(s) the student ought to have completed to gain admission in to the course. The student should read the catalog description of each course for more detailed information regarding the prerequisite(s) for that course.

  • Below 100 level developmental courses do not carry credits toward graduation
  • 100-199 typically no prerequisites
  • 200-299 probably has one prerequisite
  • 300-399 at least one prerequisite
  • 400-499 at least two prerequisites
  • 500-600 graduate courses, cannot be taken by undergraduates without advance approval

In cases where students have not completed the prerequisites for a particular course, they may request a waiver of the prerequisites from the course instructor.

Note: Students who transfer courses to the university that do not have an exact ESU course equivalent will have these transfer courses recorded on their permanent record (transcript) to either satisfy a general education requirement or a department elective. No course descriptions will appear in this catalog for each of these courses. However, these cases will meet a degree requirement in the following ways:

  • Course Code 199: General Education elective (no exact match), suitable for General Education requirement in specified ESU academic department.
  • Course Code 299: Departmental elective (no exact match), ESU academic department decides how the course applies toward the major.
  • Course Code ELEC 299: Course that does not fit either General Education or major requirements, credit will transfer as an elective.