University Honors Program

The University Honors Program offers ESU’s best students the opportunity to fulfill a part of the general education requirements with special honors courses.

Unique features of the honors courses include a maximum class size of 20, specially selected professors, customized curricula, and close teaching-learning relationships in and out of the classroom.

Honors courses provide a stimulating introduction to the various aspects of our social, cultural, and scientific heritage.

Each student has an honors adviser in addition to an academic adviser.

In the junior year, students complete an honors thesis project within the department of their major.

Honors students have access to the campus’ honors house for honors activities and quiet study.

Honors students are entitled to register for courses ahead of other students and are eligible for honors scholarships, international summer study scholarships, special recognition at graduation and on the official university transcript, and membership in the Honors Student Association.

Special attention and assistance in preparing graduate school applications and job applications are available from the program director and honors adviser.

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