Undergraduate Readmission Policy

The readmission application is designed for undergraduate students who were previously registered at ESU, and have been away from ESU for one or more regular academic terms. These students intend to re-enroll at ESU and not to study at another institution during this time. 

Students interested in returning to ESU who have not been enrolled at another institution during their time away from ESU must complete a Readmission Application at esu.edu/apply


Students who have attended another institution since leaving ESU must complete a transfer student application at esu.edu/apply.

Students planning to study or intern abroad, or participate in the International Student Exchange Programs, should schedule an appointment with the Coordinator of International Programs to coordinate this process.

There is no need to apply for readmission if you received an Official Withdrawal (W grades) for the semester prior to the one in which you would like to return to the university.

Students are readmitted based on the current catalog requirements for the semester they will be resuming their studies.  Depending on how long you have been away, requirements in your program may have changed.


When to Apply

Former students seeking to be readmitted can apply to be reviewed for the Spring or Fall 2021 semesters. The application is available online at esu.edu/apply. We recommend that you apply well in advance of the semester start to allow time to register for classes and, if applicable, complete the financial aid process, make payments, obtain housing, etc.

Admission Notification

  • Applicants will receive communication throughout the admission process via the email address they provided on the application.
  • Applicants should keep their address updated with ESU and check their inbox and spam folders. Email any changes to admission@esu.edu with your full name and ID number.
  • Admissions decisions may be communicated by email and/or postal mail.  Applicants can also check their status online at esu.edu/appstatus for real-time updates.