University Requirements

The requirements for the baccalaureate degree at East Stroudsburg University are:

  1. A minimum of 120 credits. Some degree programs may require more than 120 credits.
  2. At least 42 semester credit hours must consist of advanced level coursework (i.e., courses that often have prerequisites and noted as “advanced” in catalog). A minimum of 30 credit hours of the 42 advanced level semester credit hours must be courses from the 300 level and above.
  3. A minimum cumulative quality point average of 2.00. Some degree programs may require a higher cumulative quality point average.
  4. A minimum grade of a “C” in English Composition.
  5. Demonstration of competence in basic mathematical skills. See Basic Mathematical Skills Competency on page 37.
  6. Completion of the general education requirements. See General Education Program. (p. 47)
  7. Students in Bachelor of Science programs may apply no more than 64 credits from any single department toward the 120 credit minimum. If a department offers courses under more than one rubric, then this regulation applies separately to each rubric used.
  8. Completion of the requirements for one or more majors.
  9. A minimum residency as outlined below:
    1. The minimum residence requirement for the baccalaureate degree is 30 semester credit hours of the last 45 credits of work at East Stroudsburg University, unless a waiver is granted. This waiver requires approval of the student’s adviser, major department chair, and academic dean. Some programs which require off-campus senior level experiences at other schools have automatic exemptions from this section.
    2. The minimum number of credits in the major which must be taken at East Stroudsburg University will be determined by the department housing the major.