Financial Obligation

Students, parents and others who are responsible for the financial obligations of students at East Stroudsburg University should understand that acceptance of admission and the privilege of attending imposes a financial obligation for a complete semester. Neither non-attendance, non-payment, nor failure to attend class constitutes official withdrawal. This must be done through the Student Enrollment Center using the appropriate form(s).

Students who register online or in person can check their class schedule through the myESU student portal to confirm their registration. A semester/session e-bill will be sent to the student’s ESU email. Students will be held financially liable for their registration unless it is officially canceled when the student contacts the Student Enrollment Center.

Non-payment of fees or other financial obligations will prevent a student from being allowed to register for subsequent academic work and from receiving any official transcript of their academic record or diploma from the university.

Should the university find it necessary to refer a delinquent account to a collection agency or to an attorney, the cost of collection including attorney’s fees, if incurred, may be added to the student’s financial obligation.