New Student Programs

Academic Convocation

Academic Convocation is a ceremonial occasion which marks the formal opening of the academic year. It is the time when the university officially welcomes the new class of students and focuses on the academic mission.

Academic Convocation introduces the new class to the dignity of university ceremonies and academic regalia, the organizational structure of the university and the individuals who serve in leadership positions, the president of the Faculty Association and faculty leadership, the president of the Student Senate and outstanding student leaders, and the Alma Mater and ESU Promise.

The highlight of the Convocation is the speaker, typically a recent graduate or current student, who speaks to the new class about academic achievement, scholarly opportunities, and expectations for new students.

Academic Convocation brings the new class of students together for the first time to focus on academic excellence and scholarly engagement.

Fall Orientation

Summer orientation is the beginning of a new student’s introduction to the university. To continue to provide new students with the information and resources needed for a smooth transition to university life, a variety of activities, interdisciplinary studies, first learn experience workshops, and group meetings are held just prior to the opening of the academic year in August. Reminders from summer orientation and new topics that are designed to enable new students to successfully fulfill their university responsibilities are held.