Undergraduate Catalog Policy

(As applicable for Academic Programs/Majors/Minors)

An undergraduate student is subject to the academic requirements and regulations contained in the catalog for their program in effect during the semester in which the student is first registered as a matriculated student. The only exceptions to this policy are stated below:

  1. A student who first attends the university during the summer will be subject to the requirements and regulations in effect for the following academic year.
  2. A student who declares or changes a major or other academic program (minor, concentration) after matriculation is subject to the program requirements as outlined in the catalog in effect at the time of declaration or program change.
  3. A student may choose to follow all regulations and academic program requirements in effect in the current catalog. It is the student’s responsibility to complete a “Change of Catalog” card, obtain the required signature and submit the card to the Student Enrollment Center.
  4. A student who discontinues attendance for two or more consecutive semesters (fall/spring or spring/fall) will be subject to the regulations and program requirements in effect when the student is readmitted to the university. This includes students who are dismissed from the university for academic or disciplinary reasons.
  5. Some programs are subject to requirements that originate with legal and governing authorities outside the university (for example, requirements for teacher and other professional certifications). Such requirements are sometimes subject to change for all participants on a specific date and do not lend themselves to implementation by catalog year.
  6. Some academic departments place time restrictions on the completion of major courses and/or major requirements. Such restrictions are clearly articulated in the university catalog and take priority over this policy.

Please note: Occasionally the university will adopt or revise a regulation (other than an academic program requirement) that cannot equitably or administratively be implemented by catalog year. In those cases all students shall be advised of the change at least one full semester in advance and through several venues before the change goes into effect.

Program Changes

A student may change curriculum or field of study of specialization only with the approval of the chair of the department the student wishes to enter. Change notifications are also sent to the chair of the student’s prior program. The student’s grade point average and the reasons for change will be assessed by the chair of the department into which the student is transferring.

Changes in program should be requested only after careful counseling and planning. All such changes can be made by going into the MyESU Portal and clicking on the eWarrior tab. Students will see information to change their undergraduate program of study/curriculum. Changes to major/minors/ concentrations mean that the student is to follow the catalog requirements for that program based on the year of change. It is recommended that students request a program change before applying for graduation if applicable.

Specific professional programs, such as nursing and medical technology, are limited in the number of students who can be accommodated. Students planning to enter these fields should contact the appropriate department.