Applicants for Certification, Specialist, Supervisor, and Letter of Eligibility Programs

From the Pennsylvania Department of Education and other national certification programs, East Stroudsburg University offers state-approved programs leading to certificate programs in:

Biology (7-12)

Chemistry (7-12)

Earth & Space Science (7-12)

English (7-12)

English as a Second Language (ESL)

French (7-12)

General Science (7-12)

German (7-12)

Mathematics (7-12)

Physics (7-12)

Social Studies (7-12)

Spanish (7-12)

Speech & Language Impaired (N-12)

Instructional Technology Specialist (K-12)

Principal (K-12)

Reading Specialist (K-12)

Special Education Supervisor

The university also offers programs of study to prepare students for national certifications, including the Behavior Analyst, Applied Behavior Analyst, and National Board Certified Teacher.

Applicants for these programs should follow the same procedures for admission, plan of study, and registration, as described for degree program students in this catalog. Interested applicants should contact the Graduate College office to confer with the graduate admissions coordinator, in consultation with the respective graduate coordinator, for further information, before beginning the admissions process.