PSED 430 Student Teaching in Secondary Education/ Middle School/Junior High School

This course provides the understanding for and appreciation of linguistic and cultural diversity, and enhances the knowledge and skills of teachers working with culturally and linguistically divers students in the classroom. The areas of emphasis include: a) the legal, historical and cultural implications of ELLs in the mainstream classroom and difference among home and school cultures, especially as they relate to language; b) a brief overview of first and second language acquisition theories; c) developmentally appropriate teaching strategies to enhance English language proficiency and academic success of ELLs; and d) Pennsylvania standards and the Pennsylvania ELL assessment systems. (This course is not part of ESL Specialist endorsement).


6 credits


PSED 150 and PSED 250 and program admittance; ECED 232,263 and program admittance (ECED/ ELED majors).


Advanced│Information Literacy/Technology (I)


140-UG level 4 advanced