Digital Media Technologies

College of Business and Management

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About the Program

Bachelor of Science in Digital Media Technologies

The Digital Media Technologies Department (DMT) prepares students to create media through a blend of applied theory and a hands-on teaching philosophy of digital media. Ten foundation and production courses in interactive media, video and television production, graphics, audio, photography, web design, animation and media theory are required. Advanced level elective courses offer students specialization in media production and design or exploration into new and emerging technologies.

Student-run and DMT faculty-supervised television and photography clubs are available. Students from the Television Club and DMT are engaged in media productions that support local athletic, non-profits and other agencies. Productions are aired over cable television.

Associate of Applied Science in Media Paraprofessional Program

This two-year technically oriented program is designed for students seeking to develop media production skills. Completion of the program prepares students for entry-level positions in the field of digital media. Students may transfer into the four-year Bachelor of Science degree program.


The DMT internship provides a unique learning experience that allows students to use the knowledge they have obtained in the classroom in a real world setting. The internship experience takes place in a professional environment where the course work competencies are applied and refined. In planning for an internship, students are advised to discuss career goals, qualifications and potential internships with their academic adviser and department faculty. Ideally students should have completed basic and advanced courses in the media production area in which they plan to intern (12 credits). A 2.75 grade average in DMT courses, no incompletes in DMT courses, and faculty approval are required before enrolling in an internship. The internship application process must be supervised by the student's DMT adviser.

Is Digital Media Technologies a career path for me?

Career Potential

  • Multimedia producer and/or director
  • Television, video, and post production
  • Commercial Photographer
  • Interactive/Social Media 
  • Graphic design and web media production

Career Settings

  • Television and audio studios
  • Graphic Design firms
  • Photography studios
  • Web design and web media companies
  • Interactive Media studios 
  • Multimedia companies
  • Print publications 

More detailed career information is available from the department.

Are you interested in ...

  • Audio, video, and digital television production
  • Graphics and social media
  • Web design and web media publishing
  • Photography

Why Digital Media Technologies at ESU?

  • Student created media productions
  • Small class size
  • Professional level software and hardware
  • Close faculty interaction
  • Professional full semester internship experiences