Earth and Space Science

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    About the Program

    Two programs are available in Earth and Space Science.

    The Bachelor of Arts in Earth and Space Science is designed for students who seek a broad background in the earth and space sciences, including astronomy, geology, meteorology and oceanography. Students can choose between two concentrations.

    • General concentration: The General concentration provides a broad background in all four areas along with a few courses that examine areas of interest to the student. Typically, this concentration is chosen in coordination with a major in a related field.
    • Secondary Education concentration: The Secondary Education concentration mirrors the general concentration but also includes additional courses in education. A graduate of this program will be eligible for Pennsylvania teacher certification in earth and space science for grades 7-12 (dependent on grade point average and qualifying score on teacher examination).

    Students interested in a career in one of the Earth and Space Sciences are encouraged to pursue the Bachelor of Science in Physics with the Earth and Space Science concentration, which provides a strong base for future study in one or more of the Earth and Space Sciences (i.e., Astronomy, Geology, Meteorology and Oceanography). See the Physics section of this catalog for more information.

    Are you interested in ...

      • Astronomy
      • Geology
      • Meteorology
      • Sharing your love of science with others
      • Helping others learn science

      Choose Earth and Space Science at ESU

        • Small class sizes
        • Hands-on environment
        • Highly qualified and experienced faculty

        Is earth and space science a career path for me?

        Career Potential

          • Earth science equipment specialists
          • Science writing
          • Earth and space science data analysis
          • High School Astronomy teacher
          • High School Earth Science teacher
          • Junior High School Earth Science teacher

          Career Settings

            • Local, state and governmental agencies
            • National and private laboratories
            • Equipment and technical companies
            • Public and Private schools
              More detailed career information is available from the department.