About the Program

The Department of Sociology, Social Work and Criminal Justice offers a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology; Bachelor of Science in Social Work; and Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and three minors in Sociology, Social Work, and Criminal Justice. Students may choose to pursue a major in Sociology; Social Work; or Criminal Justice with a minor in either Sociology, Social Work, or Criminal Justice.

The Sociology major emphasizes developing in students the knowledge and skills necessary to think critically and imaginatively about social issues and to promote social betterment.

As students work toward their degree, they will find that sociology is much more than an academic discipline. In fact, sociology offers students an exciting new way of seeing the social world they live in. Students can expect sociology to enrich their personal life, as well as prepare their way for a deeply satisfying professional life.

Goals of the major include the acquisition of knowledge about human diversity, social inequality, and the pursuit of social justice.

The major and its programs prepare students for various professional roles in Human Services and Criminal Justice, and provide the educational background necessary for students to pursue graduate studies in criminology/criminal justice, law, social work, counseling, policy development, research, and other related disciplines.

Since all human behavior is social and the scope of sociology respectively broad, career prospects for majors are (and will remain) quite excellent at both entry and advanced levels.

Are you interested in ...

  • Studying social behavior and society
  • Analyzing how social influences affect different individuals
  • Designing research projects
  • Helping to formulate public policy and resolve social problems

Choose Sociology at ESU

  • Interactive classroom environments
  • Practical field experiences
  • Qualified, experienced faculty
  • Frequent faculty interactions

Is sociology a career path for me?

Career Potential

  • Sociologist
  • Case Worker
  • Criminal Justice Professional
  • Manager
  • Social Researcher
  • Government Agency Professional

Career Settings

  • Human Services Agencies
  • Criminal Justice Agencies
  • Business
  • Education
  • Government
  • Community Relations

More detailed career information is available from the department.