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Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC)

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Career Path in Leadership

Participating in Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) at ESU puts you in control of your future. Leadership instruction, experiential leadership development, and camaraderie coupled with academic and professional mentorship programs will prepare you for service to your country and for a lifetime of successful leadership in any career. Army ROTC develops your physical, analytical and leadership skills while strengthening your sense of ethical responsibility. Upon graduation students are commissioned as Second Lieutenants in either the Active Army, Army National Guard or the United States Army Reserve.

Program Philosophy

The greatest focus of ROTC is on all cadets successfully completing their academic degree, competing in athletics and participating in student activities while continually developing as future leaders. Army ROTC leverages the education, values and principles of service in all students attending ESU reinforced with the best leadership development instruction in the nation. This unique combination produces leaders prepared and motivated to complete their officer training and lead elements of the most powerful Army in the world or be leaders in the civilian community. All cadets will be grounded and willing to live by the Army’s values and the Warrior ethos.

The Local Program

The East Stroudsburg University Army ROTC is a primary partner in the Northeast Pennsylvania (NEPA) Army ROTC Battalion consisting of 13 colleges and universities in Luzerne, Lackawanna and Monroe counties. The NEPA Battalion was recently recognized as one of the top 15% of all ROTC programs in the country.

The battalion averages 145 students enrolled in ROTC each year, making it the second largest program in Pennsylvania. All classes, labs and physical training are conducted at ESU. The cadets are frequently seen around campus in uniform going to class, and participating in physical training.

Is Leadership Studies and Military Science a career path for me?

Upon graduation students are commissioned as Second Lieutenants in either the

  • Active Army
  • Army National Guard
  • United States Army Reserve

Program Diversity

The NEPA Army ROTC Battalion is very diverse in its makeup. The men and women who comprise the battalion represent 97 different high schools with 43 different majors, from 14 states and two foreign countries. There are also students who have served in the active Army, Army National Guard and the Army Reserve, many who were deployed prior to joining Army ROTC. The wide range of the students’ backgrounds enhances the diverse experience of ESU cadets enrolled in the Northeast Pennsylvania Army ROTC Battalion.

Leadership Development

Army ROTC develops confident leaders who will succeed in any endeavor. Army ROTC leadership training means spending time outside of the classroom, sometimes way outside of the classroom. You may find yourself leading your fellow classmates on a tactical training exercise, parachuting from a military aircraft, training with a foreign military organization, or serving as a staff officer at an Army installation.

Students regularly conduct briefings to university staff, mentor fellow students in military and civilian subjects and develop plans and training for the ROTC Battalion. Junior and senior students also have the opportunity to conduct military-sponsored internships related to their major as well as training with industry. Army ROTC also supports service learning and community support leadership.

Exceptional Scholarship Opportunities

Most of our military science students earn Army ROTC scholarships. Army ROTC offers two-, three- and four- year scholarships to qualified students interested in serving as officer leaders in the Army. East Stroudsburg University Army ROTC Scholarships pay full tuition, all academic fees, a yearly book allowance and a monthly stipend ranging from $3,000 to $5,000 per year. High school seniors majoring in certain medical concentrations may qualify for five- or six-year scholarships through Army ROTC. Special nursing, Army National Guard and Army Reserve scholarships are also available.

No Military Obligation for Non-Contracted Cadets

Until you accept an Army ROTC scholarship or sign a contract that you wish to accept a commission as a Second Lieutenant in some component of the Army, there is no military or financial obligation for taking ROTC. Army ROTC can be a college leadership program that allows you to gain valuable leadership skills and earn up to 15 elective credits toward your GPA and graduation.

You can be as involved in Army ROTC as you want to be. You may choose to take a one-hour leadership class each week or you may choose to add the military fitness class, add leadership labs or get involved in one of the Army ROTC clubs or special teams. Many students start by taking the class and gradually increase their activities as they experience first-hand the camaraderie, mentorship, adventure and professional leadership training that is Army ROTC.

For more information, contact the Department of Leadership Studies and Military Science at 570-422-3349 or 570-422-3830 or jcameron@esu.edu.

Web sites: www.esu.edu/rotc or www.goarmy.com/rotc