General Science

College of Arts and Sciences

The Faculty of Science

Science & Technology Building, Room 320


About the Program

The Bachelor of Arts in General Science is designed for students who seek a broad background in all four areas of science (biology, chemistry, earth and space science, and physics). Students can choose between two concentrations.

  • General concentration: The General concentration provides a broad background in science along with a few courses that examine areas of interest to the student. Typically, this concentration is chosen in coordination with a major in a related field.
  • Secondary Education concentration: The Secondary Education concentration mirrors the general concentration but also includes seven additional courses in education. A graduate of this program will be eligible for Pennsylvania teacher certification in general science for grades 7-12 (dependent on grade point average and qualifying score on teacher examination). Typically, teachers with this certification teach grades 7-9 (either general science, life science, physical science or earth science).

Are you interested in ...

  • Science
  • Sharing your love of science with others
  • Helping others learn science

Choose General Science at ESU

  • Small class sizes
  • Hands-on environment
  • Highly qualified and experienced faculty
  • Partnerships with area school districts

Is General Science a career path for me?

Career Potential

  • Science equipment specialist
  • Science writing
  • Science data analysis
  • Junior High School Science teacher
  • High School General Science teacher

Career Settings

  • Local, state and government agencies
  • National and private laboratories
  • Equipment and technical companies
  • Public and Private schools

More detailed career information is available from the department.