Academic Standing (Scholarship)

Academic Good Standing

A student at East Stroudsburg University must achieve a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.00 to maintain satisfactory academic standing.

Dean’s List

Students at ESU are eligible for the Dean’s List at the end of each semester if they are pursuing a degree and have earned at least 12 credits with a term GPA of at least 3.500. At the end of each semester, the Dean’s List is made public.

Academic Warning

Regular matriculated students who are below the 2.00 QPA will be placed on academic warning. While on academic warning the student may not register for more than 13 credits in any semester or enroll in off-campus internships.

Academic Probation

Regular matriculated students who are on academic warning and do not raise their CGPA to 2.000 after one semester will be placed on academic probation and will be granted one semester to raise the CGPA to the required level. While on academic probation, the student may not register for more than 13 credits. Furthermore, students on academic probation are not eligible to compete or practice in intercollegiate athletics and may not enroll in off-campus internships.

Academic Suspension

Students who are on academic probation and who fail to raise their CGPA to the required level and who have a GPA of less than 2.20 for the semester on probation will be suspended from the university for a period of one calendar year. At the end of that year, the student will be eligible for readmission in Academic Probation [2] status. Academic suspension is not subject to appeal. The student will be allowed to register for no more than six credits per semester during the suspension year.

Academic Dismissal

Students returning from academic suspension who fail to maintain a GPA of 2.20 or better each semester until their cumulative GPA has risen to the required level will be dismissed from the university for academic failure. At this time, they have the right to appeal to the Admissions Appeals Committee.

Appeal Process for Academic Dismissal

A student who has been dismissed from the university for academic failure may appeal the dismissal by submitting a letter to the Admissions Appeals Committee. This letter must include why the student was unsuccessful in previous academic experiences and why he or she feels that future academic endeavors will be successful. The committee will review the letter, review the academic record, and conduct an interview with the student, and then either uphold the dismissal or approve a reinstatement under stipulated conditions. A student whose Academic Dismissal appeal is approved returns to the university under Academic Probation (2) status.

Academic Forgiveness

Academic Forgiveness establishes an effective way to encourage capable, mature students to return to ESU after they have achieved poor grades during an earlier attempt at pursuing a degree at ESU. It applies to all undergraduate readmitted students who have not taken any coursework at ESU within the last three calendar years before the readmission semester. Forgiveness is only available for courses taken at ESU where grades of below a “C” were earned. Academic Forgiveness may impact a student’s state and federal financial aid eligibility. Students must complete the Academic Forgiveness Form and return for review to the Registrar in the Student Enrollment Center. This policy is in effect for Fall 2013 and can be used by incoming readmitted students only.