Award of a Graduate Assistantship

Applicants for a Graduate Assistantship are notified of their selection and offer of an assistantship by a letter from the graduate dean. The Graduate Assistantship Award Letter will outline the details of the award. Graduate Assistantships may be offered for an academic year, a semester (fall/spring), or a summer session, with award levels as follows:

  • Full Graduate Assistantship (100 percent)
  • Partial Graduate Assistantship (75 percent)
  • Partial Graduate Assistantship (50 percent)

Typically, applicants will be notified of an offer for the fall semester or an academic year in May, June, July, or August; for the spring semester in November or December; and for the summer session in May or June.

Late appointments may be made due to changes in award availability, resignations, or dismissals.

Upon receipt of an offer, applicants are expected to follow the guidelines, as stipulated in the award letter, to accept the offer. Failure to complete all requirements by the due dates will result in forfeiture of the offer of a graduate assistantship.

Finally, of important note, while graduate faculty in academic departments and administrators may recommend applicants for a graduate assistantship, only the Graduate College can authorize the awarding of a graduate assistantship. Therefore, applicants should await an official offer letter from the graduate dean.