Spanish for the Professions Minor

Program features

18 credits

Required courses

At least 3 credits from the following courses:

MLSP 232GN: Conversational Spanish for Business

3 credits

MLSP 233GN: Conversational Spanish for Health Services

3 credits

MLSP 234GN: Conversational Spanish for Social Services

3 credits

MLSP 251Translation: Spanish

3 credits

Or other professionally-oriented courses in Spanish as approved by the department.

MLSP 307

Three credits at the 300- or 400-level

Spanish coursework with significant emphasis on culture, as approved by the department.

Such courses currently include MLSP 305 La cultura a través del cine, MLSP 444 Cultural History of Spain, MLSP 445 Cultural History of Latin America, and MLSP 450 US Latino Literature and Culture.

Up to 9 credits in other courses in Spanish

Not including MLSP 116

Additional Requirements

Minimum GPA in the minor of 2.50