History M.A.

30 credits

Purpose of degree:

To develop the analytical, literary, and verbal skills of students and to familiarize them with historical literature. Thesis students will learn to conduct original research and they will learn to organize large amounts of information into presentable form.

Outcome expectations of students and degree completion:

Students will attain a better understanding of history. They will become familiar with historical methodology and literature. They will improve their verbal and written communication skills.

Most of our M.A. graduates teach in the high schools; some have obtained Ph.D.’s and teach on the college level; others work for historical societies, museums, publishing houses, and the National Park Service.

Undergraduate prerequisites required:

A bachelor’s degree in history is preferable. Students with fewer than 15 credits in history can be admitted on a conditional basis.

Typical time to finish:

Full-time students can finish in 1 1/2 to 2 years.

Plan of Study:

Required classes:

HIST 570Introduction to Research

3 credits

HIST 572Thesis I

3 credits

HIST 573Thesis II

3 credits

HIST 570: offered only in the fall semester


  • 15-21 credits in history.
  • Students must elect at least 9 credits in either:

Group A – United States History

Group B – European History.

  • At least 3 credits in each of the two remaining groups, including Group C – Area Studies.
  • Related areas (other social sciences) are optional – 0-6 credits.

Final graduation requirements

Comprehensive examination, thesis, thesis defense.