Department of Digital Media Technologies


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The curricula in the Department of Digital Media Technologies prepares students to be media generalists.

 A second purpose is to produce media generalists with knowledge and application skills in photographic, electronic and graphic communication processes who can address a variety of communication tasks as found in business, industry, health care, entertainment, and training where contemporary media are used to communicate.

The Bachelor of Science degree program in Digital Media Technologies (DMET) prepares students as media generalists for entry level positions in the media production field. The program integrates a strong hands-on approach with a media theoretical basis as DMET students create media in the areas of animation, photography, video and television production, audio production, web design, and graphics. East Stroudsburg University’s facilities support cross-platform computer labs, television studios, television editing, computer imaging, desktop publishing, sound recording, photography, and interactive 3D. A two-year associate degree is also offered.

Graduate work is offered leading to the Master of Education degree in Instructional Technology.