REED 315 Scaffolding Language and Literacy Development for Students with Disabilities

This course, which is cross-listed as SPED 315, prepares pre-service special education teachers to provide effective literacy instruction to students with mild to severe language, reading, and writing disabilities. The course emphasizes research-based assessment and instructional techniques that scaffold the development of language and literacy skills for students with disabilities. IEP elements related to assessing skills, planning goals, and monitoring progress for students with language and literacy disabilities, elements related to their Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) are featured. This course is required for students seeking certification in Special Education.


3 credits


SPED: All required 100 and 200 level SPED courses; PREK-4th Program: REED 314; Middle School Program: REED 340 and prior or concurrent enrollment in REED 350; Professional and Secondary Education Program: Prior or concurrent enrollment in REED 350; Speech-Language Pathology: SPPA 101.




140-UG Level 4 Advanced