SOCJ 354 Drug Use & Abuse in Society

This course will focus on drug use and abuse as it pertains to today’s society. It will offer an in-depth look into the various types of drugs and how they affect the body along with the implications that arise through the abuse of these substances. It will explore the concept of addiction to the various controlled substances that are available pharmaceutically and on the black market. Stimulants, depressants, and hallucinogens will be discussed in-depth, along with the various State and Federal Laws that apply to the Controlled Substance Acts. Lastly it will look at alcohol use and abuse, over the counter medications, and the emerging trends of drug use that are ever changing in our society.


3 credits


SOC 111 or SOCJ 150, plus one additional 200-300 level SOCJ course.




140-UG Level 4 Advanced