Academic Enrichment and Learning

University College

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Jack Truschel, Chair (

Juli Albiero-Walton (

Associate Professors:

Barbara Miccio (

Fernando Perez (

Assistant Professor:

Beverlyn Grace-Odeleye (

About the Program

The mission of the Department of Academic Enrichment and Learning is to provide opportunities and support for students who want to improve their academic achievement; who are potentially at risk academically; or who may face institutional and attitudinal barriers to success.

The Department offers a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, and houses the Academic Advising for the Undeclared Student, University-Wide Tutorial Program, Academic Advising and Support for Warrior Success, and the STAR Program. The department offers a variety of services including academic advising, tutorial assistance, academic counseling, academic skills development, and a First-Year Experience course.