The College of Health Sciences

Rosenkrans West, Room 105 Interim Dean Alberto Cardelle

The mission of the College of Health Sciences is to offer high quality undergraduate and graduate programs that provide a diverse student body with the didactic knowledge and skills to lead in a changing global society while fostering an academic environment dedicated to excellence in teaching, scholarship and service.

The mission is in response to the nation’s concern for healthy persons and healthy communities and to students interested in careers in health and human performance areas. Underlying the mission are three basic assumptions:

  1. We can improve the quality of life in America through health education systems as society relies more extensively on individual and community responsibility to prevent disease and promote health for all citizens.
  2. We can be instrumental in the promotion of exercise and movement which can improve the quality and length of life.
  3. We can assist in prevention of illness and rehabilitation of health and human performance.

Seven departments — Athletic Training, Health Studies, Exercise Science, Movement Activities and Lifetime Fitness, Nursing, Physical Education, and Speech-Language Pathology — comprise the college.

Each student’s major program consists of sequential experiences which lead to a body of knowledge within the respective field of study as well as modes of inquiry in discovering new knowledge and its significant experiential values. Within the college, students are encouraged to develop and pursue specialized interests in relation to their goals and to accept the responsibility for their academic pursuits and ultimate professional growth.

The Faculty of Health Professions

Offers the following degree programs:


  • Health Education
  • Nursing
  • Public Health
  • Speech-Language Pathology


  • Health Services Administration


  • Gerontology


  • Community Health
  • Health Services Administration
  • School Health

Teacher Certification

  • Health Education

The Faculty of Human Performance

Offers the following degree program:


  • Athletic Training
  • Exercise Science
  • Physical Education


  • Dance

Teacher Certification

  • Health and Physical Education


  • Exercise Physiology
  • Sport and Exercise Conditioning

Physical activity courses are offered through general education in the Department of Movement Activities and Lifetime Fitness. These movement activities and lifetime fitness experiences are intended to develop and improve the lifetime sport and fitness skills of the individual and to improve the student’s perception of the role of dance, exercise and sport in living.

As our society becomes more technical, there is an increased need to enhance its vigor and productivity by managing stress, mastering the art of relaxation, and developing healthful lifetime activity skills.