Sociology and Spanish B.A.

The Faculty of Social Sciences

Coordinating departments: Modern Languages and Sociology

This degree program prepares students for careers in social work, criminal justice and related fields in urban areas with large Spanish-speaking populations.

Program Features

54 credits

Required Sociology courses:

SOC 111GE: Introduction to Sociology

3 credits

SOC 254Quantitative Approaches in Sociology

3 credits

SOC 255Sociological Inquiry

3 credits

SOC 312Research Methods

3 credits

SOC 370Sociological Theory

3 credits

12 additional credits (minimum of 27 credits)

Required Spanish courses:

MLSP 315Spanish Grammar and Composition

3 credits

MLSP 336Spanish Oral Practice

3 credits

MLSP 444Cultural History of Spain

3 credits

18 additional credits (minimum of 27 credits).

Additional Requirements: