ATEP 428 Orthopedic Appliances Workshop III: Orthotic Fabrication & Fitting

This workshop is designed to provide instruction and experience in the fabrication, fitting and delivery of orthotic devices and related durable medical equipment. Special training and hands-on practice is included as it pertains to custom-designed, fabricated, modified and fitted external orthotics. Students are eligible to challenge the national board examinations for orthotic fitters (Certified Orthotic Fitter) upon successful completion of this workshop. Prerequisite: BOC Athletic Trainer Certification or eligibility, or, appropriate health care professional background required. Demonstrated proficiency in basic and advanced casting and bracing techniques is required (ATEP 426/526 and 427/527).


2 credits


ATEP 426/526 and ATEP 427/527




140-UG Level 4 Advanced